How We Work

How We Work


What is BFF?

BFF was created to help children develop their social, academic, self-help and behavioral skills needed to interact with others and to cope with the challenges of everyday life. BFF Individual therapy sessions take the form of a highly structured programs designed to meet the individualized requirements of each child, while building the foundations for life-long learning.

From start to finish, excellence and support come as standard equipment.

BFF comprehensive in-home lesson programs provides young minds with a learning environment like no other. We combine dynamic curriculum, teaching and support, a strong community, and special services into powerful, effective teachings, making the total BFF experience greater than the sum of the parts.

Turn struggle into success for kids who are falling behind.

The BFF in-home program is a combination of flexible lesson programs that have been highly praised by educators and parents alike for its ability to support individually-paced learning and help get children on track and the extra attention they need. A key element of our mission is to serve all children so that they can succeed and thrive.

Here are some situations in which we can turn struggle into success.

Accurately identifying your child’s emotions and the causes for them, as well as their strengths and challenges, and being self-aware. Self-awareness is important because when your child knows oneself and understand their own tendencies they are better-able to manage and express their emotions, form and sustain positive relationships, and make more responsible decisions. Self-awareness helps children make choices that are right for them, from what responsibilities you’d like them to learn to how they might react in a stressful situation.




BFF Early Learning Program

The BFF program is generally a home based program where a professional therapists works one-on-one with your child. BFF program’s focuses on all areas of development including communication (verbal and non-verbal), play, self-help, fine and gross motor as well as academic and social skills. It also addresses problematic behaviors’ including self-injury, tantrums, as well as socially inappropriate behaviors’.

The parent’s role in an BFF program

The role of parent/s in their child’s BFF program is crucial in terms of the child’s overall progress. Parents need to be aware and fully informed about all areas of their child’s program so that they can help their child generalize and apply the skills learned during therapy to every-day life situations.

Some parents take BFF coach training so that they can implement some of the therapy lessons and teachings themselves. This helps with providing an understanding of the BFF framework and helps with a more consistence teaching for the child.

The most important aspect of the parent’s involvement is keeping track of what their child is learning and encouraging them to use the skills they have learned outside of therapy time.

How much time does it take?

The BFF programs are individualized to suit the child’s age and skill level and to incorporate other programs the child may be involved in, including early Intervention, School, Speech Therapy and so on.

An example of what a typical session looks like. A weekly program usually involves a 90 minute sessions once a week.

A session of 90 minutes may seem like a long time for a young child to concentrate, but the session includes play breaks as well. Typically, a very young child is only working with the therapist for 5-10 minutes at a time. The child is then free to have a short 1-5 minute play break while the therapist records the child’s data and prepares for the next task. Part of the success of any BFF program requires that the therapy session is fun for the child.

Our Therapists are required to use lots of positive reinforcement including small rewards, praise, toys and games to motivate the child to want to learn. During a session, the therapist is responsible for following a detailed program. The therapist is also responsible for collecting detailed data on your child’s progress.

The BFF Therapist will meet with the parents for 30 minutes and recap what was addressed in the child’s session. The BFF Therapist and Parent will review the progress, goals, and objectives for their child. Then discuss any changes if necessary and the next upcoming sessions.

More About Parent/”Learning Coach” and Teaching Roles

With BFF, the parent (or other responsible adult), working in conjunction with the therapist, serves as a “learning coach” to your child, helping facilitate progress through the weekly lessons and working to modify the pace and schedule according to your child’s needs.

  • Parents of children in grades K–7 can expect to spend 3–5 hours per week supporting their child’s therapy lessons.
  • In grades 8–12, learning coach time typically decreases to about 2 hours per week as your child becomes more independent.
  • You can expect that your child will spend 2–3 hours per week on coursework and homework, which most parents believe is “just right.”

Alternative Education

For children who need more time to grasp concepts, or who may need an environment with fewer distractions, BFF in-home learning programs can be highly effective. We combine dynamic curriculum, teaching and support, a strong community, and special services into a powerful, effective learning experience. Regular assessments are built into the courses to help the therapist pinpoint exactly where problem areas are occurring and allow them to move swiftly to support the child in coming up to grade and social levels.

Working Students, Medically Homebound

There are a variety of reasons why some children may be unable to receive individual attention needed at school. The BFF lessons allows children with physical restrictions or other commitments—whether temporary or permanent—to remain within their growth & development and keep pace with their peers.


Catching Up Year-Round

Children who struggle with certain social functioning are given a second chance with BFF. They can take a variety of BFF lesson courses on their own time to catch up with peers and build self-esteem. Read more about our “Services.” It often makes sense to use part of the summer to get back on track. Look into our Summer program options.

Turn Them On To Reading

Is BFF own unique early reading program, which prepares your child to become an independent reader, using a kit of reading materials and a variety of activities. It has been used successfully by children and is available for individual purchase.

Superb Teaching and Support

Enrollment is easy and we will guide you through the set up, assessment, and registration process.

  • A state-certified therapist is assigned to each child and directs the “Learning Coach” (generally, a parent) with lesson-to-lesson instruction. In BFF, each child is typically assigned to one therapist who manages an Individualized Learning Plan, monitors progress, and focuses on each child’s individual problem areas.
  • A parent or “learning coach” facilitates progress through weekly home work lessons.
  • Our representatives are committed to ensuring that your questions get answered.

Perspective Taking Without Fear

Kids frequently struggle with learning perspective taking. BFF has a special learning program designed from the ground up for kids in grades 3-12. It may be just what your child needs to understanding their surroundings.

Haven’t seen what you need yet? It may help to review our Grade Level Page, which has individual comprehensive information pertaining to your child specific age level, or take a look at our offerings on our Services Page.

We will do everything in our power to help turn your struggling child into a successful one!

We offer over 65 lessons in 4 different age and grade level subjects. These are developed from the ground up with rich, challenging and engaging content, designed specifically for excellent delivery and individualized learning.

Children also receive lessons of traditional materials, including but not limited to textbooks, CDs, videos, and hands-on materials that complement the lesson learning. The combination of interactive lessons with materials cater to varied learning styles, allowing the widest variety of children the opportunity to master lesson objectives. It’s all part of a unique, methodology that BFF has designed for children, parents and educators.

Our program is delivered through an easy to use, robust of lesson plans with the tools and technology to manage your child’s learning experience with weekly scheduled appointments, and open communication with the therapist.

Critical Therapeutic Services

  • You’ll appreciate the comprehensive assessment orientation we’ve put together to get you and your child off to a successful start with our initial evaluation, Q&A sessions, peer-mentoring, and more.
  • The BFF Assessments are to help pinpoint proficiency levels, guide the creation of your child’s individualized learning plan, and allows BFF and you to measure progress over the teaching period.
  • An individualized learning plan for each child is designed to outline social and academic objectives, document strengths and challenges, and to sequence the child’s course work for maximum success.
  • Our advanced learner program comes with special enrichment such unique learning events, enriched lessons, as well as enhanced training for parents.
  • Special Education programs are also offered and available.

 Who is Our Services Intended for?

For a variety of reasons, many children simply do not thrive in a traditional settings.

These students include those who:

  • Self-awareness knowing yourself. knowing your emotions, strengths and challenges
  • Worried with whats to come with transitioning through the grade levels
  • Knowing how to establish and keep rewarding and positive relationships with friends & Family
  • Need more time than the standard classroom allows to master concepts
  • Feel they don’t fit in, or are being bullied in their school environment
  • Are easily distracted in a classroom setting or have a learning challenge
  • Seek extra attention that’s not easily found in many classrooms
  • Are homebound or undergoing medical treatments
  • Responsible decision-making identifying the impact of choices on yourself and others
  • Social awareness learning the ability to understand and respect the perspectives of others

BFF provides families and children with the tools and support they need to achieve their goals. Whatever the reason, our program, BFF is working for families, who want well-rounded, socially successful children with strong character. And their children are responding with higher achievement and a new excitement about whats to come next.

We’re Behind You All the Way

If you’re like most parents, your excitement about taking an active role in your children’s learning is probably mixed with a little apprehension. After all, few parents are also subject-matter experts. We understand this and have specifically designed our program to give you the tools, skills, and support you need to act as your children’s coach.

Suggested lesson plans are provided to you each week, which update as your child progresses.

  • You can vary the lesson plan to accommodate your child’s pace or abilities, for instance, some kids do better when they can concentrate their studies for longer hours per day but fewer days per week.
  • Other parents use their children’s favorite subject as a reward to give the child a break periodically from tougher subjects.
  • You may need to take a day off or modify the schedule to accommodate a child’s outside pursuits.
  • Our scheduling and management tools make it easy to move things around while ensuring your child stays on track.

What Are the Costs?

The overall cost of BFF home based program will depend largely on the number of sessions required and any other resources and methods to aide in your child’s progress.

This is dependent on how many hours of therapy a family chooses to implement. Most service providers will recommend a minimum block of 5-15 weekly lessons.

Service Areas

At this moment BFF is currently only available in Los Angeles, CA. We promise more states to come in the near future, and ask that you check the BFF website regularly for updates and changes.

Courses Built on Quality

While the BFF lessons are tailor-made for children needing a little extra help, many of the characteristics that underpin our high quality K–12 grade levels are built to including:

  • Lesson plans carefully built on educational research to identify the “Big Ideas” of a subject area as well as the concepts that are stumbling blocks for many children.
  • Clear layout of the objectives to be mastered in each lesson, unit, and session, crafted from educational research, the best standards, and deep content expertise.
  • Easy-to-navigate content, including summaries and reviews, with more time and effort spent on the hardest, most important topics and skills.
  • Engaging interactive content to illustrate and explain the toughest concepts in ways no static page (print or Web) could ever match.
  • Printed materials that are built so that the images, phrases, and organization of these references clearly reinforce the key concepts, explanations, and work done throughout the lessons.
  • At home learning experiences with lessons, and writing designed to give sufficient practice in key skills that children must master, as well as challenging problems and assignments to develop each child’s ability to apply what they’ve learned in new circumstances.

How the Courses Work

The actual operation of Elementary, Middle and High School grades differs from Young Adults lessons to make the Young Adults transition experience successful, given the far more complex world of content, skills, and time management required.

  • Each course has a regular weekly schedule of assignments and activities.
  • Children are regularly involved on a course-by-course basis in threaded, therapist-monitored discussions with each other about key topics and ideas being covered.
  • A highly qualified therapist to teach subject area’s is deeply engaged with homework every week. Extra lessons can also be purchased for independent study.
  • Parents are expected to be engaged in the Social Functioning work directly—the usual parental moral and practical support for your child is enough (and plenty!).

With BFF, you can chart your own course.

BFF provides nearly 65 different lessons designed to help each child find his or her own path, and follow it to post-high school success—whether that’s in college or in the workforce. With the BFF lessons, parents please know, it’s their future and your choice.