About Us

Better Focused Friendship

Helping Children and Parents Prepare for the next level of life

BETTER FOCUSED FRIENDSHIPS is an organization that provides children social functioning, growth and development services, educational programs and creative resources aimed at ensuring that all children and families are given learning experiences that will stay with them forever. The BFF products and services are designed for parents to learn strategies and gain competences in order to help their children to succeed at home, school and beyond.

BFF is committed to making a difference in parents and their children’s life, by maximizing each child’s potential by creating tools and offering education information and resources that are scientific, experiential, accountable, and relevant to each individual child’s need. BFF is a provider of professional educational services for Parents, Teachers, Child Centers, and Therapists. We strive to give educational resources to those who share our compassion for children and their overall growth and development. Our programs are designed to help parents teach and support progress at each stage, through books, videos, workshops, role plays, coaching, and other teaching materials.

We deliver Social Functioning and Growth & Development services

for each and every child and family.


Better Focused friendships, helps parents develop their children social, academic, self help and behavioral skills needed to interact with others and to cope with the challenges of everyday life. The BFF products and services take the form of a highly structured programs designed to meet the individualized requirements of each child, while building the foundations for life-long learning. BFF combines all the benefits of traditional learning and individual attention with the flexibility of parent and child in home learning. Our personalized approach is mastery based and asynchronous, meaning that children have the opportunity to move faster or slower through the learning material, depending on their individual skills and knowledge. This approach allows parent and child the ability to adapt their schedules to accommodate their other interests. 


Our Philosophy

Our products help parents become clear on their parenting philosophy, goals, values, and their unique approach to nurturing their children. Our lessons, toolkits and coaching involves refining parent’s interpersonal skills like listening, reflecting, summarizing, asking the right questions, goal setting, accountability, and modeling how to communicate and nourish. We take great care in our product presentation to meet parent’s needs. Children will learn how to use hands-on simulations and experiences for in-depth understanding. After participating with our products, parent and child will overwhelmingly respond that the lessons are easy to implement and delivers results.

The BFF program brings lessons to life with a rich mixture of teaching tools, including interactive animations, printed books with illustrations and narrative, audile CDs and videos, and materials for hands-on experiments. In addition, lesson plans for each subject are integrated, so parents and child may be learning Social Skills at the same time period as Problem Solving lessons.

These lessons are followed by activates and role playing scenarios, so parent can be sure that their child has mastered a particular area before moving on. Our individual approach means your child can go as fast or slow as needed. The assessments are integrated with the planning and progress tools, making it easy to find the right pace by subject and to stay on track.

We Understand and are here to help

BFF has a grand vision of making the world a better place by helping parents develop their young children’s skills, ability, strengths, and areas concern. Being a parent is the most important job you can do. Some say it is a journey filled with amazing rewards and sometimes seemingly impossible challenges. You don’t have to know everything, no parent has all the answers. There is no such thing as ‘one style fits all’ parenting. Parents need to understand and be able to respond to the unique personalities, strengths and vulnerabilities of their children. Remember to have reasonable expectations of yourself. Have confidence in what you do know. It’s OK to say I don’t know. Find out more about things you feel less confident in, and know you have help from BFF.


Better Focused Friendships (BFF) offers lessons plans for Elementary students (grades K-5), Middle school, (grades 6-8) High school, (grades 9-12) and Young Adults (age 18-older) with an emphasis on individualized learning. We tailor our lessons to fit your child’s unique needs and personality.

We will work to advance your child social skills with one-on-one attention with the Better Focused Friendships philosophy.

Our structured yet flexible in-home curriculum can help you create a quality learning environment where your child will build a strong foundation in their Social Functioning development and other important areas.

It’s easy to get started. We’ll work with you to make sure your child gets the quality one-on-one attention he or she needs. Please email us today: info@betterfocusedfriendships.com

Better Focused Friendships provides many flexible, yet structured programs designed to meet the needs of each child. Better Focused Friendships qualified Therapist and support staffs are here to help you and your child succeed in providing a quality, and accredited education for each child.

Better Focused Friendships offers the best of in-home, therapy lessons, and one-on-one based education, all rolled into one!

Mission Statement

Better Focused Friendships exists to support parents and guardians in their parenting responsibility to nurture and support their children. Thus, BFF provides opportunities that allow children to experience services that focus on the growth and social development of your child through individualized, in-home, lesson plan-based and interactive experiences. Academic and social functioning development through an individualized, in-home, lesson plan-based, academic experience.

Vision Statement

Every child holds the power within to be the expert on their own experience. We work hard for that balance between a direct and challenging therapeutic space with warmth and compassion. We are able to work in the child’s home environment so that they are able to explore their thoughts, feelings, and stories openly. We encourage creativity in all of our lessons allowing for an “out of the box” therapeutic experience and an opportunity to connect more deeply to one’s authentic self allowing for a deeper, more meaningful communication.

Team Approach

Better Focused Friendships (BFF) has a wonderful staff who cares deeply about the success of your child. BFF employs highly qualified therapist and teachers to work with children and families. Each child receives individualized support to achieve his or her academic and personal goals. With BFF, families work closely with the Education Specialist (ES) throughout the sessions to chose curriculum and meet the child’s true potential. With BFF, children are assigned a content therapist or teacher who work’s to ensure that children progress through the material and complete each lesion successfully.